NETVA is a unique program of preparation to high-tech U.S. markets...

... for young innovative French startups


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pucegris What NETVA offers

NETVA allows young French innovative companies to effectively address the U.S. market in their specific industry.

The selected companies will receive both entrepreneurial training and practice during a week long immersion in the U.S.  The companies will also be supported and accompanied by one or two American mentors  in order to establish a lasting relationship with American partners.


NETVA  therefore offers 3 major components: training, mentoring and networking:


Preparation conference & seminar in Paris

2 days

Workshop in the U.S.

5 half-days


Dedicated high level mentor

Follow-up by the NETVA team


Personalized meetings

Social events

The winners of the NETVA  program will be able to address the U.S. market through a week of intense immersion in one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world :


Silicon Valley (San Francisco)

Massachusetts (Boston)

Greater Washington (Washington, D.C.)



pucegris Objectives




Develop academic and technology partnerships with significant added value

Acquire expertise in the U.S. innovation market

Analyze growth opportunities in the U.S. market