Immersion Week

The immersion week takes place at the end of October at one of the four program locations (Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto). During this week, different events are organized: workshops, visits, and personal meetings.

  • Boston

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    Massachusetts is a state of 6 million people. It’s a center of scientific and academic excellence: with more than 200 universities and institutions, including some of the most prestigious in the world (Harvard, MIT, etc.), representing a quarter of American academic potential.

    MIT and Harvard alone are real economic powers independent from any governmental authority: a recent study on impact shows that MIT (73 Nobel Prizes since 1869) is equivalent to the 11th largest world economy, that is to say the size of Brazil.

    Innovation is the driving force behind the Boston and Massachusetts economy. Massachusetts is among the six leading states in terms of new technologies and innovation. Read more...

  • San Francisco

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    California represents 13% of total U.S. GDP: the San Francisco Bay Area by itself has a GDP of 500 billion dollars, which in itself is equivalent to the 20th largest economy in the world.

    The driving force behind this economy is situated in Silicon Valley, a region known around the world for being the birthplace of or housing the major technology players like Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Apple, Oracle, Google, and Facebook. Read more...

  • Washington DC

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    Situated between the states of Maryland and Virginia, the federal capital of the United States was founded in 1791 and was designed by a Franco-American engineer, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, on the banks of the Potomac. The city expands 110 miles and has a population of nearly 660,000, with more than 6.3 million inhabitants in the metro area.

    Headquarters of a number of American and international institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank, the economy has long been dependent on governmental activities. However, the region attracts today new industries, notably in the IT, defense, energy, and health sectors. Read more...

  • Toronto

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    Situated in the great lakes region, Toronto is the economic and research hub of Canada as well as the gateway to the United States. With 40% of its population active and a concentration of some of the best universities of Canada, Ontario has a highly qualified labor force. This province is the motor of the Canadian economy, and the third financial center of North America with 37% of the Canadian GDP. Of the 500 most important Canadian companies, 200 are based in Ontario and 166 are in Toronto alone. Read more...

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