The entrepreneurs benefit from an introductory program in Paris and have the opportunity to discover first, before the immersion week, the markets and ecosystems of one of the four program locations: Boston, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles.

  • Why Participate ?

    , by Coordinateur NETVA

    Discover the potential and mechanisms for innovation in North America
    Understand the steps leading from a prototype/preproduction to markets
    Analyze development or pre-implementation opportunities
    Develop academic and industrial partnerships
    Gather opinions from investors on the (...)

  • Facts and Figures

    , by Coordinateur NETVA

    Facts and figures of the 2019 edition of the NETVA program 14 young and innovative companies A jury composed of 15 French and American innovation experts 5 regional committees of Amercian experts 6 leading partners in France and the United States 7 laureates won the i-Lab competition in 2018 (...)

  • Bootcamp

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    The seminar takes place in Paris in June during which the laureates partake in a three-day program to discover, over the course of several presentations, the fundamental concepts of the North American high-tech market.

    In 2020, the seminar was organized online.

  • Introduction

    , by Frédéric Lohier

    Created in 2010 by the Service for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in the United States, NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) is a mentoring program tailored for young, innovative French companies hoping to discover or better understand the inner-workings of the North American high-tech market.

  • Immersion Week

    The immersion week takes place at the beginning of November at one of the five program locations. During this week, different events are organized: workshops, visits, and personal meetings.

    Los Angeles and Southern California,
    Boston, A center of scientific and academic excellence
    San Francisco, An economic powerhouse
    Washington, DC, The Nation’s Capital
    Chicago, A powerful economy open to the world
    Houston, The underrated state of Texas
    Atlanta, a boom ecosystem
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