The NETVA program is intended for young innovative French scientific and technological companies, who need to approach the North American market or technology partners to ensure either their future or their development.

The focus of the program is on technology companies that are incubating and/or leaving the French scientific or university system.

Only innovative and/or high tech companies still in the state of start-ups or very small businesses are allowed in this program.

Other criteria for eligibility:

- Startups and small/medium enterprises: Net Revenue less than 2mill euros; fewer than 20 employees.
- Skills and motivation of the entrepreneur
- Degree of need for the North American market
- Added value of the program in relation to the proposed development of the company
- The company’s growth potential and expected impact in France
- Highly Innovative aspect and / or technological appearance of the products

NETVA is not for companies that have already approached the North American market: which derive a turnover from or who already have partners in North America. The program is not designed only to achieve business development.

The NETVA program is essentially looking for innovative AND technological projects.

Is NETVA for you?

- Your product has important scientific and technological content
- Your product is not yet ready for marketing without the prospect of developing R&D: projects at the concept stage and with prototypes will be favored
- Your expectations from the NETVA program are not essentially about business, but focus on the establishment of partnerships - including R&D - and the search for potential investors and contacts
- You are motivated by the discovery of an ultra-stimulating North American ecosystem which will accelerate the development of your business internationally
- Your development potential in the United States or Canada is important because your sector is flourishing (not a small or vague niche market)

If you already have an extensive network of contacts in the US or in Canada, the NETVA program may not be the most suitable solution; in your case there may be other, better suited initiatives.

Costs for the Laureates

The participation fee

- There is no cost to compete, but a fee for participation will be asked of recipients of 2000 euros to cover part of the cost of training by North American partners. Furthermore, the reservation and the payment of the airline ticket for the immersion program, as well as for transportation in France or in the United States is paid by the laureate.

What is paid for by NETVA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Development, via the Service for Science and Technology in the United States and in Canada, assures the organization of the competition, the selection and the hosting of the candidates. It takes total responsibility for the costs of housing and food during the week of immersion in the United States or Canada, and shares with the program partners the costs associated with the organization of the program and of the social events that provide the laureates the opportunity to promote their projects.

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