Active Asset Allocation is an investment solution designer providing institutional investors, pension funds and asset managers with customized models based on a unique asset allocation methodology, to regularly and automatically evaluate and adjust their investment risks to meet short-term constraints and long-term goals.

Algama with the product Springwave, is the first naturally regenerating aquadrink with magnesium and vitamin-rich spirulina that has healthy benefits for the body and mind.

Bloomizon is the first customized vitamin program for living longer, in better health and with more healthy energy every day.

DAMAE Medical solves a major healthcare issue with an innovative instrument providing dermatologists with a new in vivo imaging technique capable of producing images similar to histology images without the need for skin tissue excision.

Blue Poppies has developed Cocolico, an innovative approach to the children’s clothing market using online and in-store configuration tools to produce and sell children’s clothing that is adapted to the tastes and needs of customers at international stores.

EHTech cuts water heater energy costs threefold by recovering heat from shower waste water.

Idexlab’s platform is a kind of "dating service" dedicated to innovation, allowing innovative companies and top experts to find each other.

XRware offers a suite of software for all X-RAY systems’ needs from simulation to visualization.

Kemwatt (formerly Ionwatt) has developed an innovative redox battery technology for the global market of stationary electricity storage.

VProject has developed "Mr. Gabriel", the first personal safety application designed specifically for the Apple Watch, with the bold ambition to save lives by leveraging wearable sensor technology and real-time data.

XtremLogic is an innovative startup that offers computing solutions using dedicated reconfigurable circuits up to 50 times more efficient than existing systems for the analytical, oil and finance markets.

Albedo is a service company offering simulations of international UN conferences about climate and energy transition. Serious Game is made for policy makers, companies, NGOs , students, and more globally for every citizen.

BeAm aims to transform the business of industrial manufacturing using 3D printing to create shorter more cost effective manufacturing, maintenance and repairs as well as to enable experimentation and product development.

Efficiencia offers a software platform for businesses, governments or communities to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures fitted to their buildings and their uses.

Numalis offers a software platform for businesses, governments or communities to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of energy efficiency measures fitted to their buildings and their uses.

KininX is a leading company in the healthcare industry with a unique worldwide expertise in the field of kinin-induced angioedema. KininX is that is the first company to provide a diagnostic solution for this inflammatory disorder.

Neolys Diagnostics is developing and commercializing in-vitro diagnostics for radiotherapy. Their determination of patient/tumour radiosensitivity allows radiation oncologists to minimize patient side effects and to improve treatment efficacy.

Tetrane is the publisher of a software analysis solution, intended for military and civilian cyber security experts, to help them find, understand and fix software bugs at the processor level.

aPSI3D designs, manufactures and sells, addressing fast growth markets, an innovative generation of power die packaging, far more compact et less inductive.

Mathym is a young nanotechnology start-up dedicated to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative colloidal solutions.

Delair-Tech offers discreet, safe and reactive aerial observation solutions designed for the Oil & Gas industry and the utilities.

Klearia develops innovative sensors based on Lab-On-A-Chip for real time monitoring traces of pollutants to optimize treatment in water.

Stilla Technologies offers instruments for high resolution genetic analysis that allows researchers and clinicians to reveal life changing details in their samples.

Adionics created a new technology to desalinate any salty water (included seawater) and to democratize access to desalination.

Emosis is focusing on the development and commercialization of an unparalleled in vitro diagnostic system, to routinely diagnose and assess hemostasis disorders.

NAWATechnologies develops and industrializes a new generation of ultra-capacitors.

Prodontis has developed a connected medical device providing an automated tooth cleaning in order to treat periodontal disease.

SurgiMab’s goal is to provide oncology surgeons with an intraoperative surgical assistance technique that will allow them to visualize infra-clinical size tumors invisible to their naked eyes during surgery.

Amerigo Capital Analytics provides innovative algorithms that allow institutional investors to value complex mortgage real-estate investment trusts and measure their fundamental risks.

CreaWave delivers vocal messages and interfaces that perfectly imitate human voice.

FlightWatching created an innovative piece of web-based software that links with aircraft ACARS data which transform into animated schematics to track, troubleshoot or predict aircraft failures.

Gaia Transparence presents financial institutions with an open source platform for integrated trading, risk, and processing for financial products, natively offering transparency that achieves standardization and reduces costs through mutualization.

Systheia has developed innovative, reliable, and modular miniaturized imaging solutions for harsh environments, for applications in space and the nuclear industry.

Idova conducts research and develops systems improving the security and the independence of deaf and hard of hearing people.

Facten provides Lead discovery and management as-a-service for small B2B tech companies.

KoDe is a full and disruptive database management system which is able to preserve linear performance according to data volume.

Evolution Energie provides software solutions to help its customers monitor, analyze and predict their energy costs.

Calixar helps pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies as well as academic life sciences organizations to preserve and resolve the native structure of membrane proteins targets for improving the performance and reliability of drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools.

TrustInSoft is a software publisher proposing innovative solutions for software security against cyber threats.

BIOptimize provides knowledge extraction from scientific data, for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, cosmetic R&D centers.

Exoès has developed a revolutionary 15% fuel savings technology for cars & trucks with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of the market.

Unitag offers a comprehensive mobile marketing platform which allows professionals to become independent from their regular web agency for their communication on mobile devices.

Crystal Device Technology brings high miniaturization of micro components based on very high coefficients smart materials.

Shortways develops a virtual assistant software to make company data more reliable and save on users support costs.

Seclab provides cutting edge cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures.

Avenisense designs and manufactures embedded micro-sensors for instant analysis of fluids.

Cornis Cornis put in place systems for monitoring and analyzing the state of operation of wind turbines, pulling its expertise from aerospace.

Osseomatrix designs and produces custom bioceramic implants to compensate for the loss of critical size bone, cranio-maxillofacial and orthopedic.

Pacifa Decision implements management systems in security in stadiums and similar sites.

PlugMed offers a technology used to transfer electricity to ventricular assistance devices and artificial hearts, for permanent implants in the human body.

Qualisteo specializes in measurement systems and management of detailed electrical consumption in buildings, and developed a DataLogger, Lynx.

Repropharm offers a range of products for the reproduction of farm animals, which are part of a process of sustainable agriculture.

Restlet know APIs. Their platform provides developers using APIs with a comprehensive, well-integrated set of capabilities to Create, Test and Run APIs in the cloud, easily and quickly.

Réuniwatt offers innovative solutions to meet the challenges posed by the use of renewable energy and energy optimization in general.

Solidages mission is to improve the oral health and nutrition by placing on the market dietary supplements supported by clinical studies.

BF Systèmes develops and markets innovative technology for measuring in real time the oxygen level in the blood.

Synthelis is a specialist in the production, purification and characterization of personalized membrane proteins, key molecules for the development of new drugs and vaccines.

SûretéGlobale.Org develops and markets management tools for territorial risks, statistical analysis, forecasting tools and evaluation systems and decision support.

Blue Industry & Science develops and markets systems for measuring the quality of indoor air, based on the principle of infrared spectrometry.

GMP Orphan designs, develops and records orphan drugs, primarily in pediatrics.

Didhaptic creates comprehensive training platforms in the health professions, particularly concentrating on those where the actual scenario may be dangerous, expensive or technically impossible.

3DTV Solutions is an expert in engineering real and virtual 3D-relief, visible without glasses.

Axenis uses humanized mouse models as models for preclinical immunology and vaccinology.

Phycosource is an expert in the high output production of microalgae strains for pharmacological and cosmetic testing.

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