Offices for Science and Technology

Office for Science and Technology in the United States

The Office for Science and Technology in the US comprises 8 scientific attachés who all have a solid background in research and innovation, 10 adjunct engineers or researchers, and administrative personnel: a total of 25 people under the jurisdiction of the Consul for Science and Technology who report directly to the Ambassador.

This team, completed by representatives from CNES, CNRS, and INSERM, form the Mission to the Service of French Actors of Science and Technology: universities and top level schools, agencies and research organizations, competitiveness clusters, enterprises, and the expatriate scientific communities. The teams are spread across the US, including at the Embassy of France in Washington and the Consulate General in Boston and San Francisco.

By its wide territorial coverage and the scope of the scientific spectrum covered, the Office for Science and Technology is an active, reactive, and proactive observer of scientific activity, technological innovations, and their consequences.

The roles of the Office for Science and Technology in the United States:

- Promoting science and technology between French American actors and expatriate scientists;
- Observing the scientific advances and the US strategy in key areas, in terms of innovation and investment in R&D;
- Disseminating this information in France through diplomatic notes or letters, reports, weekly e-newsletters;
- Strengthening scientific partnerships and creating new ones through expert missions and seminars on topics of common interest;
- Promoting the exchange of doctoral students and researchers.

Office for Science and Technology in Canada

The Office for Science and Technology in Canada is made up of professors, researchers and engineers led by a Scientific Consul directly under the Ambassador. The Office is organized in a network covering the whole of Canada "outside Quebec" and whose headquarters are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

This network includes two local services located in the Consulates General in Vancouver and Toronto and a correspondent in the Maritimes located in the Consulate General of Moncton. This distribution allows the Office to be physically present in the geographical areas having a significant potential in research and technological innovations.

The province of Quebec, because of its history with France, has a differentiated Scientific Service. The two French Scientific Offices in Canada work in tandem to harmonize the French action in the field of science and technology in the country.

The roles of the Office for Science and Technology in Canada:

- Advice and expertise - particularly through the identification of the best possible partners for Canadian and French institutions in the development of academic and scientific cooperation or advice delivered to faculty and facilities;
- Support and development of scientific and academic cooperation;
- Encouragement of the mobility of professor-researchers and students, exchanges of expertise, and the development of joint-diplomas and joint supervision theses between the two countries;
- Support for innovation and technological exchanges - in particular, the development of cooperation between the French competitiveness clusters and their Canadian counterparts;
- Scientific monitoring between France and Canada: spreading the French scientific culture can take on many forms: organizing a debate of ideas, organization of cafés de science, working with museums, etc.

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