About us

Created in 2010 by the Office for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in the United States, NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator) is a mentoring program tailored for young, innovative French companies hoping to discover or better understand the inner-workings of the North American high-tech market.

This offer is broken down into different opportunities including, strategic trainings as well as access to a vast academic, scientific, and industrial network. An introductory session is organized for the group of laureates in Paris before joining one of the Offices for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States (in Boston, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.) or in Canada (in Toronto).


- Discover the support potential and mechanisms for innovation in North America.
- Analyze the opportunities for development or pre-installation
- Develop academic and industrial partners.
- Acquire an expertise of the North American market in the innovation sector.

Key figures

Key figures from NETVA 2015
  • 18 new, innovative company laureates
  • A cohort of 30 experts on French and American innovation
  • 10 French incubators and technology centers supporting the program
  • 23 front-line partners in France and the U.S.
Key figures since the creation of NETVA in 2010
  • More than 100 new, innovative company laureates
  • 50 entrepreneurial experts have become mentors
  • More than 300 personalized meetings during the immersion weeks
  • An increase in media coverage from year to year
First place “Research and Innovation” 2010
  • The NETVA program received in 2010 the first place prize in “Research and Innovation” at the “Initiatives of the Economy 2010” competition.
  • Created in 2004, this competition rewards the best initiatives that reinforce the competitiveness of French enterprises. A jury of 70 journalists specializing in the economy slected the winner.

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