The seminar commences in Paris in June during which the laureates partake in a three-day program to discover, over the course of several presentations, the fundamental concepts of the North American high-tech market.

The first day brings together the group of participants as well as a panel of experts to listen to and discuss presentations on the development of high-tech, the business culture and the local ecosystems.

In 2015, this event entitled, “Succeed in the American Innovation Market” presented four themes:
- Innovative ecosystems: key actors and trends
- Develop your startup: sales, strategy and business model
- The American culture: a challenge for the French entrepreneur?
- Establish your enterprise: Legal challenges and structures

The first day is followed by personalized training courses supporting the essential concepts of startup development in the U.S. and Canada (strategy, marketing, financing, HR), and individual sessions conducted by sector experts (investment, consultants, professors).

This week is also the time for the entrepreneurs to meet a number of investors in Paris such as, Aster Capital, Demeter Partners, Alven Capital, and BPI France.

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