The economic capital of Canada and the major technological hub

Situated in the great lakes region, Toronto is the economic and research hub of Canada as well as the gateway to the United States. With 40% of its population active and a concentration of some of the best universities of Canada, Ontario has a highly qualified labor force. This province is the motor of the Canadian economy, and the third financial center of North America with 37% of the Canadian GDP. Of the 500 most important Canadian companies, 200 are based in Ontario and 166 are in Toronto alone.


Innovation has become in the past years a major asset of Ontario thanks to the introduction of excellent technological hubs such as the Cummunitech based in Waterloo. In order to increase its attractiveness, the province created tax credits for innovation whose goal is to attract large enterprises. What is more, Ontario houses almost the majority of the Centers of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECRs), such as Sanofi Pasteur that inaugurated an R&D center in Toronto. The NETVA program will allow you to better understand the professional opportunities that are offered to you in this very dense ecosystem.

A world reference for life sciences, communication, and media

In addition to the automobile sector for which Ontario maintains the first ranking in North America, the province has the 3rd ranking for ICTs with a pool of 270,000 employees. Toronto is the largest business center in Canada for communications, culture, and media. The pharmaceutical center is at the forefront with 40,000 employees and 15 billion dollars in annual revenue. The main business sectors concern the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and generics as well as on the conception and development of vaccines.

Finally, Ontario proves to be incredibly open to French enterprises: of the 550 French branches in Canada, 200 are in Ontario and 100 have their headquarters there.

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